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Hey its been a while.

As with most folks, I've been really busy with school.

Well I guess first things first: ScoutMan is officially on-hold/cancelled. Its actually been that way for a long while. I dunno what exactly happened, just me and the guys just sorta... stopped working on it at one point. Although we were starting from pretty much scratch so it was already an uphill battle the whole time. I would like to continue it again, but I still wasn't even half way done with all the sprites that needed to be made. Who knows what its fate well be, but for now consider yourself free to use my sprites in any manner, but please make sure you credit me.

In slightly better news, I figured out how to make animated spray for Steam Games, that was pretty exciting.

Also I do have alot of Portal Pixel Art and Sprites, I'll upload it when I feel they are ready to be uploaded
Hey guys, I've managed to find a handful of individuals to help me in making this game idea into a reality. This means that my DA page is going to be a lot more quiet, so as not to spoil all the goodies we're working on. Maybe every now and then I'll update with a little .gif or something, but from now on I'm going to be alot more discrete on my artwork that I make public. But if you have question feel free to ask me and I'll answer to the best of my abilities.

Thanks for all your support,
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So I woke up today, to find that my total number of pageviews went up at least 10-fold in less than 8 hours. Needless to say I am speechless, but I can still mutter out a couple of words and phrases. You guys are awesome, I never thought this would get so popular, in fact, one guy just told me its on, how sweet is that? Hopefully I can keep churning stuff out for you all.

Thanks for stopping by,
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Hey everyone, as you know Ive produced a lot of sprites for this game idea of mine, and now I kinda want to start getting into actually making it into a game. The only problem is I've never done this before and need some tips on what programs I should look into. Also if anyone has any suggestion on what chiptune making program has the best "Megaman-style" sound to it, so I can start delving into the music of it.

Thanks, Agent
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